Ozone therapy is a 3 oxygen gas.


The most important benefit of ozone therapy; It is to increase the oxygenation and nutrition of tissues and organs by increasing the flexibility of blood cells.


This accelerates disease and wound healing. Another benefit is called detoxification; It ensures that chemical and biological wastes entering the body for various reasons are rendered harmless.


Also; It supports aging and at least slowing down the effects of aging, being healthier and more energetic physically and mentally. Besides these, ozone therapy; It is also used to relieve chronic pain and fatigue such as fibromyalgia.


The common problem of many people in our age; Feeling tired and weary all the time can be relieved with the help of ozone.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy
•  Cleanses the liver.
•  Relieves muscle pain and strengthens the muscles.
•  Protects against stroke.
•  It prevents sudden heart attack.
•  It prevents the proliferation of cancer cells.
•  It regulates the acid-base balance in the body.
•  Protects from diseases related to the nervous system.
•  In addition, it cleans, purifies and energizes every single cell in the body.

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