This procedure is ideally suited to a patient who is looking for very subtle changes of their nose. A patient with a slight hump or imperfect profile may benefit from this simple procedure. This is a filler injection performed in the office and takes only few minutes and usually performed with a cannula. No scars are left and no dressing is needed. You can usually go back to your work right after the injection


Who will benefit from this procedure?
If you suffer from a minimal hump or slight asymmetry, as well as problems related previous rhinoplasty, this procedure can help you by filling the gaps and create a smoother profile.

Guidelines for injection
1- Use of all blood thinners should be stopped
2- Any activities that will increase blood pressure should be halted the day of the injection.
3- You will be able to return to your daily activities right after the procedure
4- In the unlikely event of light swelling or bruising, you can be confident that these symptoms will fade away in few days

    Bizi Takip Edin