Exosomes are how cells talk to each other.They are also called extracellular vesicles .Exosomes are tiny sacs (30 – 150 nanometers across) that are excreted and taken up by cells. They can transfer DNA, RNA, or proteins from cell to cell, affecting the function of the recipient cell. Exosomes are capable of skin repair, skin rejuvenation and reduce inflammation.

How are Exosomes Made?
Exosomes are commonly made by growing stem cells in culture and then taking the media (liquid) in which they grow and then getting rid of the stem cells. The media is then ultra-centrifuged since the exosomes are small. This can concentrate the exosomes.

Exosome stem cell treatment serum is injected with microneedles to the face, neck and decolte area in 2 sessions 3 weeks apart.


Exosome stem cell serum contains:
- exosome
-50 different growth factors
-Q Enzymes
-Amino Acids


What is Exosome Injection Therapy For?
-Skin Repair
-Lifting effect
-Skin Rejuvenation

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