What is Ulthera?
Ulthera is an innovative, noninvasive technique created to lift and tighten dull, lax skin. The first and only treatment of its kind, Ulthera uses ultrasound technology to address targeted areas, raising and plumping the skin to improve the appearance.

An in-office procedure, Ulthera takes less than 30 minutes to perform. No downtime is needed, meaning patients are back to their normal routine immediately. The gentle ultrasound heat targets underlying tissues, kick-starting the body’s production of collagen. Over the months to come, the results from Ulthera will continue to improve. Using the body’s own collagen-building process, this one-of-a-kind technique reduces the tell-tale signs of early aging to provide long-lasting, unmatched results.

Ulthera can;
– Ease lines around the mouth
– Smooth deep creases around the eyes
– Reduce jowls
– Decrease laxity along the jawline
– Tighten skin under the chin
– Lift tissue on the neck and décolletage

The Best Candidates For Ulthera
There are two ideal candidates for Ultherapy. The first group are patients who have developed laxity or looseness or sagging and wrinkles but for a variety of reasons be it cost or downtime or risk or co-morbidity they do not want definitive surgical correction. Ulthera does not replace surgery and does not give surgical results but it can improve aging changes and “buy time” until more dramatic surgery. The second group of patients are men and women in their late 30’s or early 40’s who are starting to see and feel laxity and signs of aging. In this group a comprehensive approach to anti-aging at The Naderi Center includes use of topical pharmaceutical grade skin care regimen using Retin-A and ZO products, Botox, Fillers, Light Chemical peels, and Ulthera. While Hollywood celebrities in Southern California get Ulthera treatments up to 3 times per year, the cost becomes prohibitive and we recommend Ulthera to be repeated every other year or every 3rd year to help keep the skin tight and prevent or delay more drastic surgery down the line. Anti-aging is complex but the expert cosmetic surgeons at The Naderi Center can guide you through the best option for your unique anatomy.

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