FUE Technique

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) method is a technique which is used to harvest individual hair follicles. Like FUT, follicular unit extraction can effectively recreate a natural pattern of hair in the patient’s balding or thinning areas. This procedure requires the entire back of the scalp and sometimes above the ears to be shaved to the skin surface. Each follicular unit is then removed with the help of a hand-held device that removes grafts with a uniform diameter of 1mm. Grafts are removed in a manner that allows the extraction sites to be completely hidden once the shaved hair over the back of the scalp regrows. During the procedure, one of our hair transplantation team will create the hairline and recipient sites by making hundreds of tiny incisions matching the exact number of grafts to be transplanted. Soon thereafter, the grafts are placed into the sites using microforceps.

The grafts are placed in precise positions; single hairs are placed in the front to recreate a natural-appearing hairline, and the remaining larger grafts are placed behind the hairline to provide greater density and thickness in the recipient area. Hair transplant surgery offers a successful outcome, but it will take time to see the full results.

Within the first several weeks after surgery, many of the transplanted hairs will fall out — a process that normally follows this type of procedure. After the hair falls, it typically begins to regrow after 3-4 months have passed. You may anticipate about a half-inch of growth per month thereafter. Depending on the degree of hair loss, in order to achieve optimal, natural-looking results, additional surgery be required. Healing between surgeries usually takes several months.

We combine our talented artistry and ultra refined skills in hair transplant technology and committed to delivering the most effective and targeted solution to address you concerns. Our goal is to achieve a completely natural result with as much density as possible. We feel these goals are best achieved when the hair transplant treatment plan is individualized.

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