Sapphire is a precious stone known for its hardness and durability.


-In Sapphire Hair Transplantation we use sapphire blades instead of steel blades


-The blades are designed to minimize scab formation and speed up the recovery process through opening smaller micro channels within the recipient site for transplantation.


– Because sapphire blades are small and thin, grafts do not have much contact with the external side. In addition, the recovery process of sapphire FUE hair transplantation operations is even shorter.

-The small incisions, which are at the same length of hair follicles, are created using sharp, smooth and durable sapphire blades varying in sizes of 1,0 -1,3 – 1,5 mm. As a result more channels can be opened, enabling the hair follicles to be transplanted more closer to each other.


– Some hair transplant centers claim that they can transplant 65-70 follicular units per square centimeter at which they would provide the patient with natural looking and dense hair.


In comparison with steel blades; FUE performed with sapphire blades enables more dense transplantation, which makes it possible to satisfy the individuals with advanced hair loss more than other techniques.


As incisions created for the transplantation process will be smaller, tissue recovery will be faster compared to steel blades, but most importantly the recipient skin will have a smoother surface.


Because the edema level is lower, the patient can continue his or her life more comfortably after the operation.


Sapphire hair transplantation ensures more hair volume.


One of the most important advantages of sapphire hair transplantation is that it decreases the risk of trauma, scalp tissue damage and possible complications that are observed in FUE hair transplantation and other hair transplantation operations. This is due to the quality of sapphire blades. Sapphire blades have smooth surfaces that are antibacterial. They are also sharp, rough and durable. tTherefore there is less vibration and less trauma the procedure.


Currently, with the utilization of sapphire-tipped special devices, we have higher success rates compared to the FUE hair transplant technique.

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