The first indication of facial aging is not actually the appearance and depening of the wrinkles on the skin. In fact, the problem is the melting of the fat pads that provide the face with volume, particularly in the mid-face. This is what can give the face an aged and tired expression. Wrinkle formation on the face usually becomes noticable in the late 30s. But actually, the face slowly starts losing volume at the beginning of the 30s, especially as the melting of the fat pads under the eyelids begins to occur. The middle part of the face becomes drained off, the overall look becomes skeletal, the lines on the face become deeper and the eye lids begin to sag.


In order to solve all of these problems at once, the drained area in the centre part of the face needs to be re-filled with the person’s own tissues.

– This is for patients with loss of face volume in their late 30’s and to obtain ideal facial proportions for younger patients.


– It is performed without general anaesthesia but under sedation or local anaesthesia.


– The operation takes 20-30 minutes on average.


– Patients can go home the same day.


– It leaves no scars.


– A painless procedure. Normal life is resumed the next day. Minor swelling and bruising can occur depending on the amount of tissue used which can last for 4 to 7 days.

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